Wooden Fence Gates

by Cece
(SF, CA)

Can you tell me where your wooden gate was purchased?

fab frugal Jane writes:

Hi Cece,

The company is called Pacific Gate Works in Sherwood, Oregon and their selection covers a broad spectrum of styles and sizes.

Each gate is made right here in the USA and shipped directly to you. I believe they also have options for finished or unfinished and sell the hardware too.

Certain sizes of their gates are also sold at Costco online from time to time.

One thing I would do differently next time is go with a thicker gate. We ordered the standard wooden gate thickness and one time when it was propped open with a small rock, the wind blew the gate shut with such force that it cracked the wood. A carpenter was able to fix it with glue and by placing long screws into the wood to hold the crack closed.

We are also on our 2nd set of gate hardware after 5 years out in the weather, and went with the the same brand of key-less entry, lever style.

Hope your new Wooden Fence Gates turn out well. Please share a photo!


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