Window Decorating Ideas

Window Decorating Ideas ~ Leaded Glass Windows Designs And Privacy Glass Windows

Want to know a trick used by builders to help sell homes?

Leaded glass windows designs are used in many model homes today to camouflage a less than stellar view, or to convey a a sense of luxury, and they’re so beautiful, you may not want any other window treatments!

In this photo, old fashioned wavy glass combined with beveled accents are the only decoration/window treatment, for a whole row of second story great room windows. They can add value when it comes time to sell your home, as well as architectural interest.

Many types of glass can be used in place of the old fashioned wavy or “water glass”, and price wise they are in line with plantation shutters.

Bathroom window treatments can be especially challenging with homes being built so close together. If you want to let light in but not be on view to the neighbors in all your naked glory, and vice versa, here is a wonderful option. Privacy glass windows combined with leaded glass gives you the best of both worlds, beauty and function.

Read on to see how my window decorating ideas transformed dreary bathroom windows into a stunning focal point using leaded glass replacement windows, hand made valances, and faux paint techniques. Please click this link if you’d like to share examples of leaded glass windows and window privacy ideas.


Bathroom Window Decorating Ideas For Privacy

In the “before” bathroom photo (right), blinds had to be closed all the time which over time became depressing, otherwise you had to step into the tub to open and close the blinds.

An inexpensive window decorating idea I tried here first was to use privacy window film.  Although it was frugal, it was NOT fabulous, so I returned the rest of the order.

That’s when I realized the look I was trying to imitate with window privacy film was the wavy glass and what better way to get than the real thing.

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In the “after” bathroom photo (below), model home window decorating ideas were applied. Leaded glass replacement windows using a privacy glass called Corsica and beveled accents. Corsica glass looks a lot like a car windshield after an ice storm and is much more private than wavy/water glass.

To complete the bathroom makeover, I used Ralph Lauren Aging Glaze in “Tea Stain” over Dunn Edwards, “Gourmet Honey”. By using faux paint techniques, the “orange peel” wall texture that screamed tract home looks less bumpy and more like stone, while the richer color lends more contrast to the white window trim. Custom made valances by yours truly hang from drapery pegs.

Now the room feels open, elegant and full of light, while the private moments stay private. The new windows are triple paned, plus have a “low e” coating which deflects up to 78% of the sun’s UV rays, helping protect your carpets and window treatments as well as saving energy. (warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer)

More Leaded Glass Windows Designs and Window Privacy Ideas

In this sliding window (left), three beveled designs are combined with wavy or water glass.

The owners covered them with plantation shutters, which in my opinion is a huge waste of money. Do one or the other, but not both. Who knows, maybe they decided the wavy glass wasn’t private enough, or too much heat came through this south facing window.

Roman shades would have been a better (less expensive) option as they create a valance when opened and can block light if lined properly.

double hung window with four beveled accents and beveled trim
This window decorating idea (right), uses wavy or water glass with four beveled accents per window, plus bevels around the edge. It’s a bit much for most decorating themes but could work well for old world style homes.

I could see this type of window on a historic Victorian beach house in Cape May, but if you wanted a different look, these leaded glass windows can be made with curved designs, arched tops, and different types of glass.

Replacing your old windows to create a beautiful focal point can save money as well as add value to your home.

Please visit my page on window privay film where you’ll find more frugal solutions as well as window decorating ideas.

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