Venetian Plaster Fireplace with dimpled surface

by Amy

Hi Jane,

I watched your video on 'how to venetian plaster a fireplace' on YouTube. I'd like to Venetian plaster our fireplace.

It's has a dimpled, plaster surface with layers of paint. I'd like to make it a smooth, even surface with a white venetian plaster finish.

Do you have any recommendations for covering up the dimples and making it smooth? Then steps for venetian plaster over eggshell paint?


Hi Amy,

Venetian plaster is one of my favorite fireplace remodel ideas! Wish we could see a before photo of your fireplace. Based on your description here's what I would do...

Since your fireplace has eggshell paint over it, Why not start out with cheapo drywall mud as a base coat? That would save a lot of cash. The idea is to layer it on to get rid of the dimples. For about $7. you can buy a whole box of the stuff, and hopefully that's all you'll need to create a somewhat smooth texture over the dimples.

If this seems like an awful lot of layers of plaster to get to the desired look, then you may want to try covering the structure with a layer of lathe (or small chicken wire), similar to how they would hand plaster walls in the old days.

Once you get to where it looks how you want it with the cheap plaster, then start with the Venetian plaster. 2 layers should probably do the trick.

It's very important to seal the Venetian plaster, especially since you're going with white. As you read in the article I sealed mine with Bri Wax and used a golden oak color to add an antique effect. For white white, use a clear sealer in either the wax or the Acrylic sealers that are on the market. Wax will look more eggshell and the acrylic sealers have different options for sheen and even pearlessence.

I'd love to see a photo once you finish remodeling your fireplace!

Kindest Regards,


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