Unusual Ceiling Makeover

by Chase
(Southwest Florida)

Coffered Ceiling Designs

Coffered Ceiling Designs

We did this in a bedroom, but it would work in a living room, too. After we bought our house the first thing we did was paint the walls and ceilings.

The people who lived here before did a lot of stupid things, one of which was to paint with latex over oil-based paint on the ceiling of one of the bedrooms. As a result, when I roller'd paint there the original latex kept coming off. I gave up painting to scrape off the old paint, but because the surface was plaster it was too rough to remove all the old paint. At this point, the ceiling looked much worse than when I'd started!

Since my husband does a lot of woodworking, we thought of covering the ceiling using wood of some kind, but we didn't have much money. So we hauled home 25 old used pallets from a local factory, cut off all the top pieces (which are hardwood, by the way), planed, sanded and cut them to an even size to get rid of most of the nail holes. Using a few sheets of 1/4" plywood, we created big "tiles" in a parquet pattern. We then attached them to the ceiling and ran molding between the tiles and along the edge. We ran out of wood near the window so we used mirror tiles to finish off the space.
The results are pretty amazing!

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