Two Bedroom Wall Colors

by Veszna

I've recently toyed with the idea how to redecorate my bedroom, in an unconventional way.

I would like to use two colors on the walls. You know, like, paint two walls next to each other with one color and the remaining two with another, or paint the opposite walls with the same color, sort of chessboard-like. And the ceiling could be white.

Do you have some advice, or suggestions, with this kind of room decoration? What colors would you recommend?

Thank you!

Bedroom Paint Ideas

Hi Veszna,

There are so many bedroom color schemes to choose from! Not knowing what your favorites are, I’ll throw out a couple suggestions, but you may want to take a look at my room color schemes page.

As for alternating two bedroom wall colors, it usually looks best when the bed wall has the accent color and then if you like, extend that color onto one of the adjoining walls, always ending on an inside corner. If you put the color on opposites ends it may make the room appear more closed in.

Also, accent walls are usually windowless walls and the color you’re using should appear somewhere else in the room. You can either choose colors from the same paint fan or family and have the accent color be one to two shades darker or take your accent color from something else in the room, like: furniture, rugs, bedding, or drapes.

There as so many amazing paint products out there that you can have just about any look you want. I love metallic paints for accent walls because they’re kind of neutral, yet they have a lot of dimension. Let's say you have shades of blues, grays, or violets, try an antique silver or brass for you accent wall. If you like reds, "warm" greens, yellows or oranges, try copper, or bronze.

Metallic paint finishes are also great for light fixtures, mirror frames, and furniture.

Other bedroom paint ideas would be to make a cool chair rail to divide the room top to bottom and paint the bottom one color and the top another. The chair rail can be a simple piece of wood, or you can stencil a design over the dividing line, in a third color.

Painting stripes in one or more colors to accent a bedroom wall can help widen (horizontal) or heighten (vertical) the room.

If you want to escape to a tropical rainforest, white sand beach, or Tuscan hillside, wall murals are a fabulously frugal way to take a mental vacation.

Good luck with your bedroom makeover! I hope it comes out exactly the way you imagined it.

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Bedroom walls, here come the colors!
by: Veszna

You gave me so many wonderful decoration ideas. Thank you, Jane, for this great reply!

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