Stove Bright??

by mariah
(lawton, ok)

Thank you so much for posting about your experience with painting fireplace doors. I want to know however, if you needed to prime them, clean them or sand them first? Do you think any high heat paint would work int he same way? Has the paint chipped off your fireplace doors at all or inside the fireplace since you have used it? I was wondering if I could paint the inside of my woodburning fireplace as well and still use it?

Also, do you have experience with mounting fireplace doors on the front of a rough stone fire place?

Thank you.



Fab Frugal Jane writes:

Hi Mariah,

Stove Bright High Temperature stove paint doesn't need primer. All I did was to lightly sand any metal surfaces before spraying it on, which is really important on brass trim, since it often has a coating on it to keep it from tarnishing. Firebricks don't need any special treatment and you just spray it on.

I have two fireplaces that I painted with the high temp stove paint, one being a gas appliance, and the other is a wood burning stove that was converted to gas. The back of the fire bricks on the wood burning model got a little black from the heat which I don't mind at all.

It's probably because this one burns a lot hotter than a gas appliance type of fireplace and I have glass fireplace crystals in it too, which also increases the heat.

As for fitting fireplace doors into a stone fireplace, that is something I don't have experience with. We're looking into getting custom wrought iron doors for our first fireplace makeover with glass behind the iron for energy efficiency.

I was talked into throwing away the original glass doors and could kick myself now for not saving them. #1. because they're so easy to paint and #2. because the room gets so cold in the winter.

You'll probably need two cans of high temp paint if you're doing the bricks as well as the doors. Wishing you a beautiful fireplace makeover and hope you'll post some photos here once you finish it.


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