Rubber Garage Flooring

Rolled Rubber Garage Flooring

Rolled rubber garage flooring is one of my favorite garage ideas. It’s actually a great floor for your home gym, basement, or second-story deck. It comes in different thicknesses and colors for different needs, but 3/8” is great for a garage or workout room and if you shop around, it only costs around $3 per square foot for black with specks of color, including shipping and adhesive.

This product is also called “rubber gym flooring” or “rolled rubber flooring” because the majority of health clubs use it and it can withstand a lot of wear and tear. It sure beats those interlocking rubber squares because it comes 4’ wide and cut to whatever length you need, and the seams virtually disappear. It can even be installed outdoors on decks or patios.

Fabulously Frugal Tip: Recycled rubber sports flooring for home use costs less than the padding you buy to go under a carpet, making it a great value. You can always throw area rugs or decorative outdoor rugs on top for a little color or to define a seating area.

Benefits of Rubber Garage Flooring

Rubber garage flooring is relatively inexpensive and there are ways to reduce its cost. Finding the right installer or doing it yourself is the key if you’re trying to save money.

We found a guy who installs this same rubber flooring in health clubs every day, and he only wanted $1 per sq. ft, whereas the carpet installers wanted $3 per sq. ft.

Our total cost was around $4 per sq. ft. for materials and labor, but the best part is that we were able to move all our things back into the room within a few hours.

When you compare the costs, rolled rubber flooring vs. carpeting, the rubber is the clear winner at around $2.50 a sq ft. That’s about what they charge for cheap carpet padding! That’s why it’s also a fabulously frugal option for basement floors, children’s play areas, and home gyms. You don’t have to worry about smells, dirt or dust mites, plus they quickly mop clean.

There are other benefits too. Although rubber garage flooring costs about the same or slightly more than professional-grade epoxy floors, it comes in 4’ wide rolls so installation is much faster. There’s no fumes and rubber garage flooring is better for the environment because it’s made from 100% recycled tires. It’s the perfect floor for cool garages!

Buying Rubber Garage Flooring

There are many places online to purchase rolled rubber gym flooring but make sure you do your comparison shopping:Compare prices based on the thickness you need. Consider shipping charges and buyer feedback.

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  1. Compare prices based on the thickness you need. Consider shipping charges and buyer feedback.
  2. Always look for online coupons for the seller you decide to buy from before you check out.
  3. Choose flooring that works for your needs. We looked at 3/8” recycled rubber garage flooring because, after researching it, that was the best choice for a garage gym where heavy weights or even automobiles would be on top of it.
  4. Buy what you need. Does the seller offer precut rolls or custom cut the rolls for no additional charge? If you have to take 25’ rolls and your floor is only 20’ long, you may have to pay for more than you can use or have to glue pieces together. Find someone who will sell the exact lengths you need and pad that by 6-12” for each segment you need. I ordered five 4’ x 20’ rolls without adding any extra and we ended up with only one piece of scrap worth saving. That was too close for comfort.
  5. Buy good adhesive and good knives if you’re going to cut it yourself. We purchased the manufacturer’s recommended one-part polyurethane adhesive that is perfect both indoor or outdoors. We only needed one 5 gallon bucket, which was enough to cover 375 sq feet of floor space. Because we used professional installers, they knew just the right amount to use and they said this IS the best adhesive to work with (SURE BOND™ Premium Floor Adhesive).
  6. Get some color. Specks of color in the rubber garage flooring can tie in your wall or accent colors. The specks camouflage dirt and can add a nice accent color to the room. We painted the interior of the garage door and wall around it the same tan color as the specks and added tan outdoor area rugs. It all blends beautifully.
  7. On installation day, the installers unrolled each piece of rubber gym flooring and re-rolled it in the opposite direction, securing it with tape. This was to take the curl out. After a short breakfast break, they returned to unroll each piece and lay it out for cutting.
  8. Be prepared for issues that come up. We had a lot of cabinets that went down to the floor along the perimeter of the room. That meant that there was a lot of cutting and installation took a couple hours longer than normal. We had two installers, but the one who did all the cutting had sore hands by the end of the day (ouch!).
  9. Follow the manufacturer’s directions for installation, care, and cleaning. Although the instructions called for a special weighted roller to help push down the seams, we didn’t do that and our seams came out fine. But we also hired the guys who install rubber gym flooring for a living. If you are doing a large area like a basement, you may want to rent the special roller to make sure your rubber sports flooring looks good.
  10. Lastly, I cleaned and sealed our new Rubber Sports Flooring, put a shine coat on it and stepped back to admire it’s beauty.

I know it sounds weird to be so excited over rolled rubber flooring (ya think!), but everyone we show it to wants one. It’s solid yet comfy, buffering sound both inside and out, always the perfect temperature, and it looks fantastic!

Other Uses for Rubber Garage Flooring

We have plans to put our recycled rubber flooring outside on a second-story deck to keep the rain and morning dew from leaking through to the seating area below.

Our installer also told us about protecting things we store outside by putting them on top of the rubber and draping a waterproof cover over the items. He says his friend used it to prevent condensation on a motorcycle he kept outdoors and that the rubber kept the moisture from the concrete away from the bike.

Some people even use rubber sports flooring around portable spas and hot tubs because it keeps your feet warmer than standing on concrete and it’s not slippery when wet.

Rubber garage flooring is probably one of the best purchases we ever made. I would not hesitate to do an entire basement floor (provided there were no water problems) or even a kids playroom in this recycled rubber flooring, because, unlike carpet, it doesn’t hold dirt and allergens, providing a safe, clean, comfortable flooring for any space.

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