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Room Interior Design That Nurtures Your Spirit

Have you ever heard the saying “if you want to change your life, change your thoughts”? Another powerful tool to help you on the path of changing your life, is to change your surroundings.

You’d be surprised how little things like adding color, texture, and balance can nurture your spirit as well as fuel your creativity.Take for example this living room interior design. It’s incredibly soothing because they’ve used colors from the same hue group.

The white accents and crown molding work perfectly, paired with the golden yellows of the walls and ceilings. This room has a warm, cozy glow, no matter what the weather or time of day.

Where do you find the best room interior design ideas? That’s easy, because the answers lie within You!

Being your own interior designer can be fun and exciting, but it can also be hard work because not everything you buy or try will materialize as you envisioned.

You can feel overwhelmed at times, especially when faced with too many choices. Without a plan, it’s harder to stay focused, let alone be confident in your choices.

When in doubt, don’t be afraid to consult with a professional before you make a big investment. Even if you can’t afford to hire someone to design the entire project, you may be able to afford a few hours of consultation on room color schemes, proper size and scale of furniture, or even help picking a new decorating theme.
niche turned into a meditation area with venetian plaster techniques on the walls

I’ve seen some who advertise they can “Re-Design” what you already have in an afternoon, which by the way, is an excellent idea if you are selling your home.

Even a small change to your room interior design, such as re-arranging furniture or accessories, or adding an accent wall, can transform your space. Let’s take a look at how you can come up with a plan, and turn it into a design board.

Even a small space such as this reading nook with window seat can be transformed into a meditation room design. Venetian plaster walls give the niche an old world feeling while a statue of Kwan Yin is backlit by the morning sun pouring in, reminding you to take a moment for reflection.

Planning Your Room Interior Design

  • If possible, try to find a look you love from a magazine and duplicate it within your price range. You’re not necessarily buying the same pieces, or using the same color palette, but ones that “feel” similar in design.
  • Make a simple hand drawing to scale of how you want the room to look. It’s easier if you start with a focal point or create a new one by drawing it first. That’s how I came up with the idea for a ten foot long seating area as part of my master bedroom decor. You can also use room interior design software to help you visualize furniture placement.
    room interior design plans and samples
  • Collect fabric swatches and samples to see the real life colors and textures. Make a design board like the pros do by cutting out home interior decorating ideas from magazines or print photos from the internet or manufacturer’s brochures. Assemble your ideas on poster board, then hone your choices until your plan comes together.
  • It also helps if you list the rooms strengths (things you want to play up) and weaknesses. Maybe you need help decorating small spaces by creating the illusion of more height, more space, or more light?
  • Or maybe you need to give intimacy to a large space so it doesn’t come across as commercial? With careful planning, you can get the most use out of your space.
  • Room color schemes need to be figured out before you start spending money. Usually the best place to start is with a color inspiration. It could come from a piece of fabric, furniture, or rug you are using in the room, as well as artwork, pottery, pillows, etc.
  • Another idea that can save you time and money is to use a Color Visualizer tool. By uploading a photo of your room, or using one of the sample rooms, you get to see how different paint colors would look in your room interior designs.
  • How much are you willing to spend? Wouldn’t it be nice if you had an unlimited budget or no budget at all? Then you could hire a room interior designer and be done with it. Since my budget is not that grand yet, I love finding cheap decorating ideas and doing a lot of the work myself. You can also take a design over time approach and buy one nice piece a year, or look for thrift shop or flea market finds and turn them into treasure.
  • Once you know the size and scale of the furniture you need, you can start shopping. I found my favorite dining room decor after seeing a pair of leather chairs in a consignment shop. By doing a google search, I was able to find the manufacturer and the best price online. Designers have been ordering by fax and online for years, but it does take confidence in your choices.
  • Linear feet of cabinets you want to buy
  • How many square feet you need to order for kitchen backsplash tile designs, flooring, and countertops (see kitchen countertop ideas for a fast way to make a big change)
  • Measurements of the openings for appliances if you’re keeping countertops but replacing appliances
  • Window and door sizes you need and what side handles are on
  • Sizes, types, and number of light fixtures and outlets you will need
  • Bring this kitchen remodel ideas folder with you while shopping and take notes, photos, samples or even brochures of things you like.

Can Your Rooms Interior Design Be too “Safe”?

When tackling an individual room, interior design is often a round about approach. You go in many different directions (literally) as your eyes go from floor to ceiling to walls. It’s a little trickier when you have an open floor plan.

In this example, the matching drapes on both sets of french doors look great, but they played it super safe with all the upholstery and rugs almost the same shade of beige. Even the two black framed fabric swatches on the wall match the dining room chairs. Some would find this room interior design pleasing to the eye while others may see it as too staged or “model homey”.

What’s your style? Are you a lover of rustic, country, or Tuscan decorating themes? Or a do you prefer sleek and modern, minimalist perhaps? There is no right or wrong answer, just be sure it’s what YOU like.

Stress-Less Room Interior Design

Maybe you love the crisp, clean look of white living room furniture, but you’re worried about how to keep it clean? Have you ever been in crisis mode due to a stained carpet or sofa? Well I sure have!

Cleaning stains is part of a well lived life, but knowing how to treat them is key. is an excellent resource that can help you feel better about choosing room color schemes.

It’s important the room interior design fits your lifestyle, otherwise you may never use certain rooms, or stress about keeping them clean.

For example, if you have kids, pets, or long seasons of inclement weather, you can save yourself a heck of a lot of work with an organizational/mud station near the main entryway. This would give your family a place to drop off shoes, keys, backpacks, hats, leashes, even store micro fiber towels for cleaning muddy paws.

Creative design can go a long way in helping you solve the day to day issues so you can relax and truly enjoy your home. Here are some great interior design books to get your creative juices flowing.


Share Your Room Interior Design Ideas

Whether it was a full room makeover, or simply changing room color schemes, this is the place to tell your story.

We’d love to see photos of your dining room, game room, media room, sun room, finished your basement or attic, laundry room, home office or den!

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