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Romantic Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Whether your single, married, young or old, romantic master bedroom decor can make you feel sexy and incredibly pampered.

Just about any decorating style can be coaxed into it's most sensuous form as long as you follow a few simple rules, so sit back and enjoy our romantic bedroom decorating ideas.

Here's a great photo of romantic bedroom decor with plush bedding, a fainting sofa, feminine lamps, and banded drapes. Everything feels restful with a cream, taupe and gold color scheme, plus olive green accents to give it a bit of a pop. Tip: use solid colors and stay away from shiny surfaces

this master bedroom is romantic and elegant with soft, plush bed, chaise lounge, and soothing color scheme, although the rug could be larger

Romantic Decorating Ideas For Bedrooms

In her book, Color Your Life by Elaine Ryan, she tells us "Many bedrooms can be changed into sensuous, very special places, with some fairly simple changes. The trick is to know which changes to make."

Use fabrics that are soft, not scratchy, and more feminine than masculine in design. Satins, velvets, silks, soft cottons, but save the stripes, plaids and strong geometrics for your library or living room.

A beautiful Japanese screen is mounted to the wall above the bed making it more prominent, luxurious satin sheets, and a loveseat add lounging places for two

Mount beautiful screens, paintings, oversized headboards, fabric, or other types of embellishments on the wall behind the bed.

Lighting should be soft and not come from overhead. Instead, use several different types of light such as lamps, wall sconces, and floor lamps to create light that is easy on the eyes.

Bodies look better in pink light - line lampshades with pink fabric or use pink bulbs. Flourescent bulbs, while "GREEN", are still being perfected. Full spectrum bulbs are close to natural light and are also great for reading.

Bedroom canopies are also very romantic whether they cover the bed in full or partially, by showcasing the bed as a special place, and lending a more intimate feel. Royal beds were lavish in this regard.

Romantic Bedroom Decorating Ideas For Larger Spaces

A love seat, settee or any comfortable lounging spot for two is ideal as is a small table next to it for food, drinks or books.

this romantic bedroom has loveseat, table for two, soft bedding, and  privacy window coverings

Contemporary retreat using romantic bedroom design ideas.

A rich caramel colored ceiling and wood beams, makes this bedroom feel more cozy. Notice how they balanced rugged dark woods with feminine touches like the delicate lamp bases, tufted headboard and seating area to create the perfect romantic retreat.

Romantic bedroom decorating ideas for floors would include soft carpeting, plush rugs, animal skins, or wild and wooly faux alternatives thrown over a low pile rug. Wood or tile floors in a bedroom, although great for people with allergies, are cold, hard and not very sexy.

Encourage More Cuddling AND Feel Sexier

I don't know about you, but a good nights sleep sure does make me feel sexier, and my skin looks better too! So does an afternoon nap of up to 90 minutes.

One of the best romantic bedroom ideas I can give you is to invest in a super comfy mattress. If yours is too hard, you'll spend the night tossing and turning, plus spooning becomes a hip pinching experience. Or, if it's too soft, you'll wake up feeling miserable.

For the best sleeping experience try one of the new high tech memory foam mattresses with special cooling properties. Medical studies have proven that a medium firm mattress is the most effective for comfort and support.

In order to get more years out of our mattress, we bought a very firm memory foam model and then put a sheep skin cover on it to make it more comfortable. If you're not waking up feeling good, then maybe it's time to replace your old mattress?

warm tones of orange and gold along with sumptuous satin bedding for romantic decor

There are hundreds of bedrooms color schemes to choose from so pick colors that inspire you.

With "suede" painted walls, sumptuous silks and padded headboard, everything in this bedroom begs to be touched.

See page 2 of Romantic bedroom ideas. Now that you're getting the hang of sensual decor, here's a great article on making lust last, even if you've been married for 20 years :)