Romantic Bedroom Decorating Ideas 2

Romantic Bedroom Decorating Ideas, Continued…Mirrors, Fabrics & Dressing Rooms

In this section we’ll explore more romantic bedroom decorating ideas, such as mirrors, fabrics and dressing rooms.

Mirrors can be incredibly sexy, but most of us would feel better naked in a mirror where the image is softened. That’s why mirrors that are antiqued, bronzed, or have etched patterns feel more romantic.

This master bedroom is an artful blend of modern and old world decor using both masculine and femenine elements.

I love how the etching on the mirrors echos the swirls of the crystal chandelier and wall sconces. Combined with tufted satin headboard and super soft fur beadspread this bedroom is elegant and seductive.

Can Romance Be Fabricated?

Why yes, I believe so. If I had to pick the most important romantic bedroom decorating ideas, sumptuous fabrics would be right up there with soft lighting. Custom designed bedding and window treatments help set the mood because fabric can be an emotional thing.

Picking colors and textures that excite you is key ~ Will it be silky, smooth, soft and furry, jewel tones or pastels?

In this photo, a homeowner hired a seamstress to sew her romantic bedroom decor. Keep in mind, doing it yourself takes a lot of time and planning, especially if you want to save money by doint the sewing too.

If you hire someone, you have to be able to convey your ideas to them via drawings or pictures, and be willing to handle the “do-overs” since not everything comes out perfect the first time.

Those who don’t have the time, talent, or desire to do all this may opt to hire a drapery design firm or an interior designer. They are experienced at creating fabulous window treatments and upholstery, plus have established relationships with fabricators and installers, but don’t expect them to share their sources ~ it’s a trade secret.

The Fabulously Feminine Dressing Area

Want to feel sexier? Here’s another romantic bedroom decorating idea to add to your list. Create a special dressing / makeup area.
The ritual of pampering and preening yourself can be an enjoyable and relaxing experience, given enough time, plus it improves self esteem and sets the mood for what’s to come. Anticipation ~ the fuel for romance!

This area can be a room of it’s own or part of your master bedroom, bathroom, or walk in closet. If you have extra bedrooms such as a guest room you’re don’t use very often, that’s another possibility.

This dressing area (photo above) is in a luxury home with easy access to bedroom, walk in closet, and bath facilities.

One person who gave me oodles of romantic bedroom decorating ideas, and who inspired me so much is Linda Phillips Design. Linda creates glamouous and romantic bedroom decor with lush fabrics, custom upholstery, canopies, and more.

In a dessing room she designed for a turn of the centruy home, Linda took it one step further.

In addition to the chaise lounge and makeup table, she artfully displayed clothes, jewelry and accessories, to help decorate the room.

Hats were mounted on stands, their boxes acting as a pedestal. A dress form covered with fabric held vintage pins, & necklaces. More elegant than the most expensive store window displays, this room gave the owner the feeling that she was special, and that her things were precious.

Where good design meets good intentions ~

Treating ourselves to design that makes us feel cherished, that honors us as the wonderful, creatures that we are, helps us pass that on to our family, friends and to the world.

Have a decorating idea for bedrooms you want to share? Please contact us, we’d love to hear from you, and check back often as we’ll continue to update this site.

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