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Would a Venetian plaster work on a tile fireplace? we just bought a home and it has the ugliest fireplace, white large tile. I was thinking about painting over it but would the plaster work? I have no idea.

Thank you,
Emily J


Hi Emily,

That's a really great question!

The best way to go about remodeling a tile fireplace surround, is probably to remove the tiles first, and then use cheap drywall mud to smooth out the area before applying the Venetian Plaster. Most fireplaces won't have very many tiles so this shouldn't be too much work.

You'll most likely be removing tiles with a hammer and chisel, so make sure to wear gloves and eye protection, maybe even a dust mask.

This next suggestion should be talked over with your contractor: It may be possible to change the shape of your fireplace surround to give it more dimension.

This could be done by building out the surround with fire rated drywall and then plastering over it, or attaching metal lathe and plastering over that. Use cheap mud/plaster for your base coats and then do your Venetian plaster and seal.

So you can visualize this last idea...imagine your flat fronted fireplace with tile, and your contractor builds out shapes on the sides, top, or bottom to give it a new look.

Say you wanted more a southwestern look, then you would go with more rounded corners. For a more traditional look, square or round columns on the side. For a nice hearth area on raised fireplaces, you can build a box like area below that can also be used as a seating area.

The wire lathe idea is useful when someone wants to cover a large area without removing tiles such as a kitchen backsplash or bathroom walls. Just remember not to use Venetian Plaster on any wet surfaces.

I hope these suggestions help and that you'll share your fireplace remodel photos with us.


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