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Check out these raised bed garden designs and start making use of your wasted space!

Here's a great yard project you can build yourself, buy a kit, or have a carpenter build it for you ~ custom. Raised bed vegetable gardens, like the one pictured below, are a great way to reduce stress and start eating healthier, because there's nothing better than the taste of a fresh picked salad and organic steamed veggies...YUM!

custom built raised garden bed with hinged wire cover to keep critters out

My neighbor Louise had her carpenter build these boxes to fit in between her fence and sidewalk. This area between the houses is quite tight and would normally have some form of token landscaping using precious water.

Side yards are often ignored, ending up a home to the trash cans, but turning them into lush gardens gives you a reason to want to go there.

Louise is quite smart, because she not only did she make use of wasted space, but she also put a composting bin on that side of the house which makes high quality soil for her garden. Conveniently located right next to the trash cans, is the perfect place to make compost. Heck, why not throw in a potting bench!

Her raised bed vegetable gardens are fitted with drip irrigation, which is quite easy to set up. Consisting of tubing with tiny holes in it, drip lines feed plant roots instead of spraying water from above. It's much better for the plants and for your water bill, plus being on a timed water system means you're not tied down to hand watering. Great for when you want to travel :)

raised bed vegetable garden with drip irrigation setup

Here's another raised garden bed only this one doesn't have a cage on top because it's meant for really tall plants like tomatoes. You can always buy garden netting, if need be, for taller things like tomatoes, grapes, or fruit trees.

What you can't see from these photos is to the right of this bed is an apple and peach tree, plus there's a few pots in between the garden beds, one of which has a blueberry bush.

So there you have it! Raised bed garden designs help you grow veggies in a small space, and you don't have to bend over to pick them :)

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