Paint Color Schemes

by Charlotte
(Savannah, Ga)

I want to paint walls, ceilings, wood frames and crown molding variations of the same color.

I don't know what emphasis to put on the shading. For example: Should the ceiling be darker/lighter? Walls darker/lighter and the same for all the wood frame work.



Hi Charlotte,

Monochromatic paint color schemes can be very soothing and depending on the size of the room, here's what I would suggest.

If the room is small or has a low ceilings, I would paint it a lighter shade to make it appear higher and "ground" the room with your carpet color being the deepest/darkest shade.

Another idea which works great for ceilings in small rooms or hallways, is to use a metallic base tinted to your same shade or lighter. Metallic paint reflects more light and besides adding a sense of richness, it helps make a low ceiling appear higher.

For really small rooms, especially ones with lots of doors, it's best to paint trim, baseboards and crown moldings the same shade as the walls for purposes of unity.

If the room is very large with high ceilings, you may want to go with the darkest part of your room color scheme on top, which will bring the ceiling down and make the room feel more cozy.

This effect of darkest paint color on top also works well in spaces like dining rooms to create more drama and intimacy. It's especially effective on tray or domed ceilings and can place more emphasis on your chandelier.

Ideally, you could upload a picture of your room to this site (or similar) and play around with the different paint color schemes you're considering.

I hope you'll come back and upload a photo or two after you're finished. We'd love to see how it turns out!


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