Mirror Bedroom Design ideas

by Sophie

Bedroom Design Ideas

Bedroom Design Ideas

When I first moved into my house I was desperately in need of some bedroom design ideas!

The walls were a dark blue with uncomplimentary brown paint work. The past occupier had used a wall paper border around the centre of the room which over the years had almost welded it's self to the wall and took half the plaster work off the wall as I removed it.

Further more my poor bedroom faced north, therefore the colour scheme did nothing for the poor light the bedroom received all day long.

My first job was to remove all trace of anything dark from the room and fill in the holes in the walls. My second job was to paint everything bright white! What a transformation, the whole room looked amazingly different.

The horrid blue carpet was swapped for oak laminate flooring and my crowning glory was my 2 large mirror wardrobe doors that replaced the old brown painted doors. They opened up the room and reflected the light from the window. The space suddenly looked twice as big and much brighter.

Suddenly my dingy room was transformed into a light bright oasis. I even noticed that we caught a glimpse of the early morning sun as it rose in the north east in the summer.

I'm delighted with my bedroom design ideas, I just wish I'd taken photo's beforehand so I could show you a 'before and after'.

Fab Frugal Jane writes:


North facing rooms can be a challenge, and it's so nice to hear how you solved the frightening design inherited from the previous owners.

We too have mirrored closet doors in all our bedrooms except the master (where there's a walk in closet) and it does make them appear much larger and brighter.

They're also very helpful when dressing in the morning so you can check to make sure you're not running out the door with a tag hanging or a zipper down :)

Thank You for taking the time to share your bedroom design ideas with us.

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