Metallic Dining Room Wall Paper And Ideas

Metallic Dining Room Wall Paper And Ideas

by elle
(Long Beach, NY)

I have been looking for a classical, glamorous wallpaper. We love gold, but I saw what was titled “a shimmery taupe and white” wallpaper in a dining room that was featured. I would appreciate if you could tell me the manufacturer of this wallpaper as it now is my favorite. Below is the link and the feature was titled Dining room decorating ideas I saw yesterday.

Thank you so much! You’re response may have saved me hours of additional searching!


Fab Frugal Jane replies:

Hi Laura,

(updates added) I think I found it! Go to my dining room page I put the link and info right next to the photo. Hopefully this works because it’s fabulously frugal at $9.per roll!

Here’s another one that somehow missed the first list. It’s a metallic gold taupe wallpaper in a Japanese style floral – very elegant – $55. per roll. Order samples of anything you think might work since web pictures probably don’t do them justice. (end update)

Oh my gosh, I love that wallpaper too! The whole room is stunning with it’s subtle shimmers, from the wallpaper, to the velvet on the chairs, crystal on the chandelier, gauzy gold sheers, and the mirror reflecting it all back. Notice the ceiling is an antique gold or light bronze color. Can you imagine how gorgeous it must be with with candles lit? (sigh)

Unfortunately that photo was not taken by me, so finding it may be like the proverbial needle in the haystack. Also, it may actually be a gold metallic and not taupe. One reason it’s to hard to tell with metallics is because they are like chameleons, changing with the light. At least you know the background color scheme you want, which is metallic taupe, gold, or light bronze.

One thing you may want to try is to print this dining room picture and take it to a wallpaper store to see if they have any suggestions.

Here are few metallic wallpapers I found online that are similar in feel, although not exactly the same print, but I saved the best wall decorating ideas for last 🙂
Check out:
Gracia (obscenely expensive but divine none the less at 263.22 per roll)
Hibiscus Gold/Cream ($111)
Albany Twilight ($52.)

Instead of wallpaper, you could also try a metallic paint on the walls and then stencil on flowers in a pearl, cream or champagne color. The paint used for the flowers can be an egg shell finish with less sheen or a full on metallic like the background color. Check out my paint ideas page for more info and sources

Another idea is to use Metallic Venetian plaster and then stencil over it. They also make shimmering top coats (gold or pearl) to seal the plaster. Plastered walls are classic, but when you add metallics to it, the light bounces off the slightly uneven texture creating layers of shimmer. (Ooohhhh!)

It probably would cost about the same as wallpapering but once sealed, you’re getting a much more durable finish and no seams. The whole room should only take 2-3 gallons of plaster at most, plus a gallon of sealer, and I would still paint the ceiling metallic instead of plaster, just because it’s easier.
My VP page has instructions, video, and where to buy info.

I hope your room comes out exactly as you envisioned it, and that you’ll share the photos and story with us once it’s done.

Fab Frugal Jane

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