Master BedRoom Makeover

by Brendan

My master bedroom makeover was done very cheap and simple. It involved a colour that not many people would use to paint their room. It was a feature wall, done by my sister, in her master bedroom.

We all thought that she was out of her mind when she mentioned that she was going to get some matte black paint to paint the wall against her bed-head.

She painted the wall, and went to the two-dollar store and (for $9.00) bought herself a large picture frame that resembled the same type of wood used, to make her bed. It was a sort of dark pine with black grain.

Anyway, she had a beautiful picture of her two kids having fun and laughing, as a natural shot, not a pose. She had this picture enlarged to fit the great big frame that she bought. I think what really made the room a successful makeover though, was the fact that she had the picture done in black and white.

With the matching bed and picture-frame against the matte-black wall, the black and white picture looked absolutely awesome.

She bought herself a grey-based pattern bed-spread and that is it.

Paint, picture-frame, paint-rollers, enlarged photo and bed-spread wouldn't have cost her any more than around $150AU or so.

We all ate our words when she invited us to check out her black feature wall in the bedroom.

Cheapest and best master bedroom makeover that I've ever seen.

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