Master Bedroom Decor

Master Bedroom Decor

If you’re in search of bedroom makeover ideas, whether they be fabulous or frugal, you’ve come to the right place.

It’s an amazing feeling when your master bedroom decor reflects your spirit, making you wonder how you went all these years with plain white walls.

On these next few pages you’ll find lots of photos and ideas for: bedroom window treatments, how to make a romantic seating area, get privacy without a door, find bargain furniture, experiment with bedroom color schemes, plus a cheap and easy fireplace makeover using Venetian plaster techniques, and don’t miss my fireplace remodel video at the end of this page!


The master bedroom makeover continues on page two where you’ll learn how to tie contrasting colors together with faux paint techniques and how to save money on custom drapery. Here’s just one of the “after” photos to peak your interest, and you’ll want to read on to see the progress.

How To Balance Visual Weight In Master Bedroom Decor

Don’t you just love it when you find a bargain? This Eddie Bauer eastern king was the inspiration for my master bedroom decor and I found it sitting in a consignment shop with the tags still on, marked down from $1,800. to $599. How did I get so lucky? Most folks around here have California kings and they probably passed over it because their mattresses wouldn’t fit.

Finding the best mattress for your needs will depend on the height of persons sleeping there and the room dimensions. Eastern kings are 76″ wide x 80″ long, California kings 72″ x 84″

In the first photo, you can barely see the white wood blinds, which is exactly my point. They did nothing to balance the visual weight of this massive bed. Can you see the difference adding dark woven wood shades made?

Doing my “homework” and shopping online saved over 50%, HOWEVER…its not without it’s drawbacks. Even though I was able to cover 2 tall windows, 1 picture window, plus 2 french doors for $430 (fantastic considering they’re privacy lined) I screwed up on the measuring and had to beg them to resend a new blind for the big window. Note to self…Next time pay for the professional measuring!

If your windows are an inside mount, installing can be a breeze. Just screw the wood rail directly into the top of your window box with 2 or more 2.5″ drywall screws. Outside mounts are trickier and worth paying someone to do.

Speaking Of Balancing Visual Weight, What About Nightstands?

They don’t have to match your bed or each other, but need to work well with the overall master bedroom decor. Decide if you like a closed design, as in a chest of drawers, or the more open feeling of a small table.

Serpentine chests make great nightstands because who needs pointy corners near your eyeballs, but all the ones I saw were way too high for this bed.

For nightstands with lamps on them, you don’t want them much taller than your mattress, or you could wrench your back reaching for things. My bed is a great example of this. I drove all over town trying to find complementary bedside tables that were the right scale AND fit the space.

Finally, I got smart and Googled “dark oak nightstand with bunn feet” plus the dimensions. It took hours instead of weeks and I found the ones you see above which cost $397. each, delivered to my door.

Use Soft Lighting For Romantic Master Bedroom Decor

Two wall sconces were also added to the new seating area and put on a dimmer switch. They’re mounted above standing eye level, and at least one foot below the ceiling.

Wall scones can also take the place of bedside lamps. Mount them above or off to the side of your headboard, and locate switches within easy reach.

The ceiling fan that came with the house had bare bulbs pointing down, which is a no-no, for romantic bedroom decor. Hanging two feet below the ceiling, it visually cut up the space, so it was re-purposed to a kids room, and a low profile fan with no lights was installed. Now, kids who don’t want to get out of bed for school in the morning get the piercing bright lights shining down through their closed eyelids. (you can call me a meanie, but it works!)

Light kits and chains on ceiling fans can be visually obstructive and sometimes you may find the need to remove one or both.

If you want lights on your master bedroom fan, choose models where the bulbs are diffused by opaque glass or an alabaster bowl. It only costs about $20. for a combo fan/light wall switch, eliminating the need for chain pulls.

Seating Options For Master Bedroom Decor

These bedroom decorating ideas can also be used in other areas of your home. For example, this niche seating idea could be duplicated for a kitchen banquette, family room, or window seat, and the Venetian plaster techniques can be used on walls, niches, or fireplaces in any room.

When I first put my master bedroom designs on paper, I knew the room needed a cozy seating area and something had to go in this niche.

Sofa’s proved too big and bulky, settees got lost, and in a house filled with built in book cases, who needs another dust collector?

That’s when the idea of a ten foot long banquette was born.

First, heat vent and electrical outlets were moved and wall sconces were added, then cabinets and wood top.

“After” photo of master bedroom built-in seating area, with Venetian plaster walls, romantic wall sconces, velvet cushions, and storage drawers.


A Fireplace Makeover Transforms This Master Bedroom Decor

No matter what your decorating style is, you can tweak these fireplace remodel ideas to suit your master bedroom designs and favorite color schemes. See my how to video at the end of this page.

Venetian plaster techniques will be used on the fireplace surround and wall above, greatly enhancing the master bedroom decor and costing under $100.

In this photo, the wall above fireplace has been smoothed with joint compound to remove an orange peel texture.


After applying primer to the concrete facade of the fireplace, a base coat of dry wall mud went on, and then two coats of blue Venetian plaster.

This photo shows remodeled fireplace and doors, after being spray painted with Stove Bright high heat stove paint in Bark Brown.

This reddish brown plaster was a “leftover” I wanted to use up and not the finished product. Several coats of a darker, chocolate brown plaster still needs to be applied.

Note: The Venetian plaster colors you see in this photo were changed (as reflected in the “finished” bedroom decor photo below) because these were base coats and I was using up old plaster.

“After” fireplace remodel photo shows the wall above the fireplace and back of the niche finished in Modern Masters Venetian plaster. Mixed to a Dunn Edwards color called “Tree Tops”, this color is more green than the first two coats applied in the above photo.

Unfortunately, I don’t know the plaster colors used on the fireplace surround since they were originally mixed in 2009.

Raw Umber colorant was applied on top of the brown plaster for an antiquing effect, and the final step was sealing with BriWax. Above the fireplace I used 3 parts clear to 1 part Golden Oak, and over the brown I used straight golden oak.

Master Bedroom Decor Page 2 , the makeover continues with an additional accent wall and faux paint techniques to add rich color, depth and movement, plus gold silk drapes with dark wood rods and rings.

Also, see Venetian plaster walls and remodel ideas for fireplaces for more details on how to transform master bedroom fireplace designs.


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