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Master Bedroom Decor…The Makeover Continues with a blue/green/gold color scheme and gold silk drapes.

This master bedroom decor needed the infusion of darker wall colors because it faces west and was being washed out by all that bright sun, plus the furniture was pretty dark. Below I’ll share the final cost and lots of before and after photos.

Not being able to decide on just one color, I made 3 accent walls or areas out of a green-blue color called Tree Tops. The blue wall in this photo is painted and glazed, while the other two below are done in the same color Venetian plaster. Towards the end of this page you’ll find several before and after bedroom photos, plus a link to submit your own bedroom makeover photos.

For the rest of walls I kept the base color (Rio Sand) since it had been freshly painted 3 years ago using an eggshell finish, and covered it with a custom glaze to add depth, movement and warmth.

Starting with a clear base glaze, I added a few squirts of raw umber colorant, plus about 25% (volume wise) of paint in a color called Tobacco Road. To tie the whole room together, the glaze was rolled on and ragged off all the walls, including the blue painted wall. (after letting it dry 24 hours)

In hind sight, it would have looked even better had I plastered all three walls at the same time, instead of painting one blue. Since this wall was an after thought and much of it will be covered in drapery, it didn’t seem worth triple the labor that the plaster would take. Oh well! Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda…

  • It only took a couple days to glaze the whole room, and for less than $70. in materials, it was a fabulously frugal transformation. The new blue is striking with the white trim and I managed to find a duvet set with the same blue and gold in it, plus the drapery fabric is also gold.

This photo was taken without a flash so you can see how it looks like in the late afternoon light. The gold glaze contrasts nicely with the blue/green Venetian plaster and the color pop lifts your spirits compared to the washed out look it had before. Here’s the before bedroom photos and fireplace video in case you missed them from the previous page.

And what is the budget you ask? First a look at what I spent.

  • $1,930. for oak window seat cabinets, top, trim and hardware.
  • $1,100. for 2 – 6″ thick x 5′ custom velvet cushions + 6 matching pillows
  • $500. Labor to install cabinets, move vent, hang rods
  • $550. 5 Woven wood blinds (privacy lined) bought online including install
  • $270. 2 wall Scones & switch
  • $150. Electrican to install 2 sconces, move 2 outlets, add 1 switch
  • $200. Wood drapery rod, corbel brackets and rings
  • $280. Wall and Fireplace Paint, Venetian Plasters, Glaze, tools etc.
  • $475. 25 yds silk shantung, blackout lining and interlining
  • $337. labor to have drapes sewn.

Total $5,792. (give or take) not counting any of my labor but that’s not bad since my budget was $5,000. Now you don’t really think I was carrying a calculator around with me? Heck no, I’m just naturally frugal.

I had 25 yards of silk satung, lining, interlining, squirreled away in my closet which cost me about $475. I bought it all on sale at Joann Fabrics during the course of a year and it had been sitting in my closet for 3-4 years.

Master Bedroom color scheme is made up of gold, blue/green & brown.

The master bedroom makeover is now complete with the help of The Drapery Shop in Vista California. Yay! Lewis came out, measured my windows, and based on the amount and type of fabric I had, came up with plan.

If you’ve ever priced custom silk drapes, you know that they would conservatively cost about $225. per panel and maybe $325. per 1.5 width panel.

These drapes are lined and interlined. Costing only $337. in labor to have them sewn plus the $475. for fabric, total cost was $812. for a savings of $938. (4 each 1.5 width and 2 regualr width panels)

That’s more than 50% savings off the retail price! It’s also very good, considering how unforgiving it is to work with silk shantaung, which I did not want to attempt. Hanging them myself also saved a little bit.

Table lamps are white washed carved wood from Marshalls and cost approx. $50. each and the new King size duvet cover and shams are from Home Goods, and cost approx. $60. for the set. The chair below belongs to the dining room set and stays up here unless we have a lot of extra company coming for dinner.


On cold nights the shades come down which are also lined and with the drapes closed it really keeps both the light and the cold air out.

It feels like I’m sleeping in a luxury hotel thanks to my new drapes and my new super comfy new mattress!

Below you’ll find several more before and after master bedroom decor photos side by side so you can see the difference.

Master Bedroom Decorating and Design Fixes

In our neighborhood the master bedroom designs have no door into the bathroom, plus the openings are arched. That means you had to close the bedroom blinds every time you wanted privacy in the bathroom, plus you couldn’t sleep once the sun came in through the bathroom windows or if someone needed to turn the bathroom light on during the night.

Having a custom curved top door installed can be quite expensive and one neighbor said they spent around $1,000. to have one made. My frugal fix was to sew a cuffed drapery panel. Using a tapestry fabric that matches my bathroom window valances, I lined it with the same silk shantung as the bedroom drapes. I could make another silk drape to match the master bedroom decor, but to do so I would have to purchase more fabric. Double draped doorways were quite popular when homes were heated by fireplaces and it works with this decorating theme which leans towards an old world style.

We invite you to upload your before and after photos and please share your master bedroom decor ideas with our readers.

Happy Home-Remodeling-Decorating!

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