Making bathroom wires disappear

by Natalie Levi

Bathroom Vanity Renovation Ideas

Bathroom Vanity Renovation Ideas


We would like to submit the following product to consider mentioning on your site: The Vanity Valet Secret.

A bathroom in use is often covered in wires as styling tools heat up or cool down. POJJO provide a variety of salon like hair tool systems designed for the home. Women have as many tools as a stylist but nowhere to put them. The Vanity Valet Secret, is a conversion kit that turns your false panel into a salon station. Pop off your false panel, install the appliance panel, and add the quick release knobs. All tools are readily available. Never unwind a cord, just turn the knob and the cord is released. Hide the mess, save your counters from burns, and create an organized home for all your tools.

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Fab Frugal Jane writes:


What a wonderful idea for retrofitting bathroom vanities. Thanks for sharing!

All of my hair appliances get thrown into a basket under the sink and in order to get them out they have to be untangled first, which is not fun.

Even if you tried to be neat and wrap the cords around the appliances, they eventually get so curly it's hard to use them.

This product takes advantage of unused space which is a must with small bathroom vanities and with large bathroom vanities, it would certainly help you to be more organized. I also liked the you-tube installation videos which are great for DIY-ers.

Best of luck with promoting your products.

Fab Frugal Jane

Note: I haven't tried this product, nor have I been given any compensation to share it with my readers.

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Oct 05, 2015
Good post
by: Maynard Bahringer

Hello! Your site is great!

I also have a Scary Costumes blog and want to publish one of your article on it if it's possible?

I will link at you after publishing! Thanks for answering!

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