Living Room Ideas

Start by finding living room design ideas that excite you. Pull inspiration from a magazine, a piece of furniture you love, or a fabric you’re drawn to. When looking at living room photos in magazines, what style interests you most? Do you like clean, modern lines in furniture and art, or are you a lover of antiques, or a combination of both?

Ask yourself, Is this living room design versatile enough to be used all the time or is it just for show? If you really want to get the most use out of your living room, it needs to be comfortable, have a good flow and furniture arrangement, and invite people in.

Do your have a fireplace that needs a makeover?

An inexpensive fireplace remodel could bring it back to it’s rightful place as the focal point of the room and tie in better with your new living room colors.

Is there a beautiful view you can capitalize on?

you’re budget allows, you may be able to add french doors that lead out to a patio or garden, with a fountain or sculpture as the focal point.

Do you need window covering ideas?

Mix and match textures and colors for a richer look like woven wood blinds with floor length drapes, or add a contrasting border to the top or bottom of your drapes (example above) for a great color splash.

Is your furniture the right height and scale for the room?

Don’t worry about matching all your pieces since mixing different periods can give the room a more timeless look.

It’s perfectly alright if you can’t buy everything for your living room design, all at once, in fact, sometimes it works out better to do it in stages. It’s more fun to take your time and fill the room with things you love and will use, rather than things you bought in a rush.

Is your living room really large?

A better living room idea may be to have several smaller groupings. If the room is small or odd shaped, then chairs may work better in your living room design than a large sofa.

Decorating Living Rooms

One of my favorite living room decorating ideas is to paint the ceiling in one of your accent colors.

The warm blue-green on the ceiling and honey colored walls makes this living room feel cozy. By using drapery fabric as the color inspiration, they were able to tie this room together with paint.

Hanging drapery close to the ceiling plus the use of a large chandelier brings balance to a tall living room.

The “double mantle” over the fireplace, plus the beautiful wood work, book shelves and crown moldings, gives architectural interest to this massive space. You could also hang a large piece of wall art or tapestry halfway between a two story wall to keep the room from feeling divided in two height wise.

  1. Visit showrooms to see tile and stone options, kitchen cabinets and door samples, appliances, etc. Take note of kitchen backsplash ideas. Write everything down and take samples home.
  2. Come up with a room color scheme and make sure your kitchen cabinets ideas, countertops, appliances, and flooring all work well together.
  3. If you start feeling lost, especially when you’re trying to design your own kitchen, don’t be afraid to hire an interior designer or certified kitchen designer. This is an especially smart option if you have kitchen issues. For example, professionals have lots of small kitchen remodel ideas and can help you make better use of your space. They can also give suggestions for better traffic flow.

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Living Room Painting Ideas

One of the best money saving living room ideas is to reuse or re-purpose what you already have. Paint is the biggest money saver and can transform outdated furniture or cabinets into custom pieces.

Depending on your style, you can try antiquing or distressing, crackling, metallic paints, or bring in accent colors.
Exquisite old world design elements: faux paint finishes, soaring ceilings with heavy wood beams, gorgeous wrought iron chandelier and extra tall fireplacefireplace

Faux paint Techniques can be used in living room designs to add color with depth and movement.

This living room is an exquisite example of old world design elements with warm faux paint finishes, soaring ceilings, heavy wood beams, wrought iron chandelier and an extra tall fireplace.

Ragging, rolling, sponging, color washing, and the use of stencils, can all add dimension to your walls and take you from flat to fabulous!

Venetian Plaster walls are another of my favorite living room ideas and can add a custom look to an otherwise ordinary tract home.

In this example, the plaster color was formulated to compliment the faux paint used on the opposing walls, as seen reflected in the mirror.
venetian plaster walls give a three dimensional quality and old world charm

If you let the walls become the art then you won’t feel the need to hang a bunch of stuff just to fill up the space.

Whether you’re going for old world, country, or modern living room design, there’s a venetian plaster technique and color to compliment any decorating theme.

Living room ideas for walls and ceilings: If you have unwanted textures like “orange peel”, use plain drywall mud to create a custom look for very little money. Cover walls or ceilings with a thin coat of plaster and sand smooth, but don’t try to make everything perfectly level because you want to maintain that hand plastered look. Then prime and paint with an eggshell finish.

Share Your Living Room Ideas And Makeover Stories

Have you done a fireplace makeover? Installed new living room curtains/drapes? Solved a dilemma with living room furniture arrangements?
What are your living room paint ideas, favorite color schemes, etc?

We’d love to hear about it and see what you’ve done!

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