Design Your Own Kitchen and Save Money Too!

Design your own kitchen to be a warm, inviting spot and it will pay for itself when it comes time to sell. And in case you didn’t know, kitchens sell homes. If yours is less than appealing, a small kitchen remodel may be all you need to seal the deal in this competitive real estate market.

If you’re staying put, you may consider spending a little more because the remodel cost is offset by the amount of time you spend there.

Have a great kitchen remodel idea you want to share? This link will take you directly to the invitation where you can tell your kitchen story.

In this economy, the price of materials and labor is much more competitive than a few years ago, so you may be able to get more work done than you originally thought.

Whether you choose to do the work yourself or hire some help, there has never been a better time to design your own kitchen.

Green Kitchen Remodel Ideas: If you have cabinets, knobs, countertops, doors, or other building materials that are in good condition or maybe even new, donate them to an organization like Habitat for Humanity, which operates what they call “Re-Stores” all over the country. Call ahead as they may even pick it up for you.

How to Design Your Own Kitchen

Create a folder with kitchen remodel ideas you get from looking through magazines and books, and take “before” photos of your kitchen. Include measurements like the following:

  • Linear feet of cabinets you want to buy
  • How many square feet you need to order for kitchen backsplash tile designs, flooring, and countertops (see kitchen countertop ideas for a fast way to make a big change)
  • Measurements of the openings for appliances if you’re keeping countertops but replacing appliances
  • Window and door sizes you need and what side handles are on
  • Sizes, types, and number of light fixtures and outlets you will need
  • Bring this kitchen remodel ideas folder with you while shopping and take notes, photos, samples or even brochures of things you like.
  1. Visit showrooms to see tile and stone options, kitchen cabinets and door samples, appliances, etc. Take note of kitchen backsplash ideas. Write everything down and take samples home.
  2. Come up with a room color scheme and make sure your kitchen cabinets ideas, countertops, appliances, and flooring all work well together.
  3. If you start feeling lost, especially when you’re trying to design your own kitchen, don’t be afraid to hire an interior designer or certified kitchen designer. This is an especially smart option if you have kitchen issues. For example, professionals have lots of small kitchen remodel ideas and can help you make better use of your space. They can also give suggestions for better traffic flow.

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You can have a lot of fun with a professional who breathes new life into your floor plan. Maybe there’s a non-bearing wall you can take out or a room you can annex to make the kitchen larger.

Perhaps you can turn a solid door into single or double French doors for more light. You’ll be amazed at the options available to design your own kitchen

More Kitchen Remodel Ideas

  1. Take your time and review all the kitchen remodel ideas you’ve collected. Then get quotes, compare prices, and make sure you pad the budget by at least 25% because stuff happens. It can take 6 weeks to 3 months just for cabinets to be made or orders to come in. There are so many great kitchen cabinet ideas to choose from and this is a big investment so don’t let yourself be rushed. Custom kitchen cabinets may end up costing less than store bought semi-custom ones, so don’t rule those out.
  2. If you design your own kitchen, make sure to allow enough space for appliance doors to open out when facing each other or an island. You should have a minimum of 42” between countertops and islands.
  3. Now is the time to rethink your flow of traffic through the room and your work triangle. Moving plumbing is incredibly expensive so keep the sink where it is if you’re trying for an inexpensive kitchen remodel. Developing a new kitchen layout design now will ensure you love your new kitchen.
  4. Demolish old floors and cabinets before your new cabinets arrive but not so soon that you’re eating out for months. Cover doorways with plastic to contain dust and dirt and cover surfaces you need to protect, including light fixtures, floors, countertops, etc.
  5. Work from the top down. First get ceilings and electrical work done, any pre-plumbing work, then paint or plaster, and then install cabinets. If possible, cabinets and countertops should go in last or you risk them getting damaged. Don’t let yourself be pressured to do things out of order.
  6. Do you need kitchen lighting ideas that can make your cooking experience more enjoyable and the room itself more inviting? Dimmer switches do double duty because you get the prep work done in the bright light and then switch to a more romantic mood for dinner. They now make dim-able florescent lights.
  7. Not sure which is the best kitchen floor for your family? Then head on over to my kitchen floor coverings page to learn about wood and laminate options, followed by kitchen floor tile ideas.                                                                     One very important thing to watch for when replacing a kitchen floor is to avoid blocking in appliances. Give your tile installers a gentle reminder about this, and to use imperfect flooring there.
  8. Keep in mind that stone tiles such as travertine have natural flaws and color variations, and you need to order extra I strongly advise you go through the boxes and hand-select tiles in advance, taking out the ones you don’t like and laying out any patterns you want to use. This also makes it easier to design your own kitchen backsplash. Trying to salvage your old floor? Try my ceramic tile crack repair, which also works on stone, granite and laminate flooring.
  9.  Appliances can be a major expense but outdated or mismatched ones can detract from

your home’s value and cost you more money in utility bills. To learn how to be an energy saving household, and what to look for in kitchen appliances, go to If you want to change some, but not all, to a different finish, think about adding panels that match your cabinets to an existing fridge or dishwasher. ~ If you’re appliances are fairly new, and match, you can probably reuse them to save money.

10. Afraid to tackle a small kitchen remodel? Today there are many compact appliance choices that can make galley kitchen designs feel more spacious. For narrow kitchens, keep colors light and patterns simple.

It’s always nice when you can have a window in front of the sink, but the real beauty of ths modern kitchen design is it’s efficient work triangle, with cooktop, fridge and sink just steps away. Warm woods and full overlay doors look sleek with extra long pulls, plus frosted glass on the upper cabinets keeps it feeling light and airy. Love those plexiglass barstools and the “seafoam” granite.

For an inexpensive kitchen remodel, don’t be afraid to ASK!

Ask for a discount (nicely, jokingly, and even throw in a “pretty please”), or ask them to shoot you a price to take it off their hands (and keep your mouth shut or you may pay more than they were going to offer). You’ll be surprised by the deals you get when you ask.

Check out other ideas on this web site and learn how to paint kitchen cabinets instead of buying costly replacements, helping to save the environment as well as your pocket book.

Have a big party coming up? Make it easy on yourself with our tips for buffet table decorating.

Getting to design your own kitchen is an exciting and wonderful opportunity, but it can also frazzle your nerves. You can find lots of helpful info throughout this site, including things I wish someone had told me, so please check back often and share this web site with your friends.

Wanted: Large or Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Tell us about your new kitchen color schemes, floor coverings, lighting, sinks, countertops, cabinets, kitchen islands designs, and more.

It could be one part of the kitchen remodel process or all of the above. We’d love to see what you’ve done!

Have a big party coming up? Make it easy on yourself with our tips for buffet table decorating.

If you’re concerned about privacy, not to worry, because you don’t have to sign up for a user name and password, give out your email address, or give your full name. After your submission is accepted, you’ll be able to see it on my website and if you like, send it to friends and family so they can comment and give their feedback.

It’s a wonderful way to help others benefit from what you’ve learned and show off all your hard work, so we can live vicariously through you, my creative readers!

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