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Custom Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

One of the best ways to recoup most of the cost of home remodeling is to come up with a stunning kitchen layout/design. If you had to choose between two homes with the same floorplan except one had builder grade cabinets and the other had kitchen cabinets that look like fine furniture, which one would you choose?

Don't underestimate the importance of kitchen islands designs. Having a well thought out work area can make cooking and entertaining more enjoyable as well as create a better flow throughout the space.

A Tuscan kitchen with custom made kitchen cabinets, venetain plaster walls, and a hand painted tile backsplash by artist Jonathan Waight

See how this family got the kitchen of their dreams for a lot less than they thought, and how custom kitchen cabinets can be fabulously frugal.

Custom Kitchen Cabinet Designs

I know a family who bought a seven-year-old model home, but their kitchen cabinets were already falling apart and were so shallow that dishes didn’t fit on the shelves.

The kitchen was open to the eating area and family room, and was a constant reminder of how much they disliked it. They wanted a kitchen that looked like it belonged in a million-dollar home.

After getting several estimates and lots of kitchen cabinet ideas, they decided on carpenter-built cabinets. Hiring a cabinetmaker is not as expensive as you would think, and in this case it turned out to be a much better value than going with store bought, semi-custom kitchen cabinets.

By going custom, they were able to explore lots of kitchen cabinet ideas and get exactly what they wanted. Because their cabinetmaker wasn’t paying overhead on a storefront, or sales commissions, it allowed him to offer better prices. And because they are made with super high-quality materials and workmanship, these cabinets should still look great 20 or 30 years from now.


Kitchen Cabinet Ideas For A Furniture Look

These cabinets were built to look like fine furniture with wavy glass doors, glass shelves, lighting and  mirrors inside

Their new kitchen layout design increased the size of the island by 2.5 times, with recycling, composting, and trash bins built in.

The microwave is now at a height the kids can reach easily, and all the drawers have self-closing hardware.

Thanks to a wide range of custom kitchen cabinets sizes, some of their cabinets were designed to go all the way down to the countertop. Then they were given beautiful seed glass doors like you would find in an old European kitchen.

By using glass shelving, interior lighting, and lining the cabinets with mirrors, they were able to brighten this kitchen with no windows.

Their new kitchen sparkles and the rich creamy finish on the antiqued cabinets has a depth of pigment you don’t see in store bought cabinets. For someone who loves to entertain, this kitchen is a dream come true and although they don’t plan on selling anytime soon, it certainly increased the marketability of their home.



this custom cabinet is only six inches deep and dislplays all of the owners cookbooks beautifully

An Easy Project With A Big Payback

Here's a custom kitchen cabinet idea sent in from one of my readers. This homeowner had a beautiful collection of cookbooks she wanted to store but also display, so she came up with this design and had a carpenter make it for her.

It was located on a small portion of wall behind a desk/bill paying area, which is right off the kitchen and painted the same color as the doors and trim.

At less than six inches deep, around three feet wide, and floor to ceiling in height, a cabinet like this doesn't take up much space and holds a small library. Cookbooks, magazines, home improvment, and gardening books, are all arranged to face cover out.

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