Ideas For Split Entry, Bi-Level Home

by Nancy

We live in a split entry home where you enter the front door and can either go downstairs to the basement or upstairs to the living room, kitchen, bedrooms, etc.

For years I have had plants hanging above the railing in the living room. I am tired of that and I am wondering if there is any other treatment to 'hang' above the railing. Split entry homes are very popular where I live.



Hi Nancy,

I wonder if you're hanging plants to camouflage the entryway?

On this page (about halfway down) is a photo of similar style home and some ideas I used.

The Tuscan landscape you see is a mural that was hung like wall paper in sections. This home was especially challenging because the landing was so small and the entry itself appeared dark.

Also, we made a faux window and balcony to play off that theme. You may want to try something similar as there are thousands of different style murals you can buy.

If you still want to hang something there, think of what works with the theme you've chosen. For example, you could apply a pretty foil wallpaper and then hang something sparkly like crystal beads. Or, use a more laid back mural with wooden beads, colored balls, paper lanterns,etc.

Another idea is to do some type of decorative paint technique to bring more light, warmth, sparkle, visual interest in general, to the entryway.

Whatever you decide to do take your time, and above all, choose things that make you smile :)

Fab Frugal Jane

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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