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Garage Ideas to Transform Your Space

Home garage ideas can seem hard to find because most people ignore the potential of these spaces. If you’re already using your garage for parking you may not need any garage layout ideas. But if your garage is packed with stuff you don’t need, messy, or standing empty, read on!

My sister has an extra large two-car garage and it is packed to the gils. There’s stuff all over the floor and in piles. When I offered her suggestions (installing cabinets around the perimeter and overhead storage racks) so that she could actually pull into it, instead of parking in the snow, she was very honest with me.

parking in snow because garage is full of junk

She said if she did that, then her husband would just go out and buy more stuff from the flea markets. (He loves to go bargain hunting for antiques and he’s great at it!) Once the cabinets were full, it would all end up on the floor again.

I think my brother-in-law has a great business plan for retirement and he certainly has a good start on inventory for his very own antique shop. Why not indulge his hobby and give him the space he needs to store it all? Both of them would feel better if they worked on their garage layout so it met their needs.

Whatever your challenges, I encourage you to explore the garage ideas on this website and be open to new ways of looking at this space.

Cool garages take a little planning

Another garage idea you may not have thought of is to use this space to create a gathering place for your family. The benefits will astound you and could even result in you losing a few pounds!

We had a spin bike in a spare bedroom and, in one whole year, it got used once. Sound familiar? We moved it into our new garage gym, which also has a TV, Wi-Fi computer access, and Wii setup. Not surprisingly, we now uses that bike several times a week.

The gym is part of the transformation we made to our garage. We turned the entire space into an "active" family room and it has changed our lives. The kids and their friends have a place to hang out, play games, and work out.

garage gym

Cool Garages can also become a great negotiating tool for parents because kids are more motivated to do chores to earn time in this fabulous space. Plus you can train them to workout while watching TV (no more couch potatoes) while keeping the noise from video games and Rock Band away from the main living area.

Make Your Garage Layout Work For You

If you want a workshop area or craft area, you can build it right into your garage. One tip is to buy a prefab laminate countertop at your local box store. Get it long enough to span across two lower level cabinets.

Prefab countertops come in 4’, 6’, 8’ and 10’ lengths and have a backsplash, which can be cut off if you don’t like it or don’t need that much depth.

Buying prefab saves a fortune over ordering a countertop through custom closet companies. You can even pick up cabinets ready made while you’re there, but make sure you buy the right depth so your cars will still fit if you intend to park in the garage.

A good work height for a countertop is 36”. This is comfortable for most people when standing and you can use bar stools to sit at your counter.

Regardless of what you plan to do with your garage (and I hope you’re getting some garage ideas of your own as you read this), you’ll need to consider flooring.

Rubber garage floors are amazing but rubber flooring also works well for many different residential purposes, including:

  • kids playrooms
  • basements
  • home gyms
  • horse stalls
  • workshops
  • pet kennels
  • outdoor decks

Before you read on, here’s one last tip. When your garage is re-done and looking gorgeous, take the time to organize everything that goes into your storage cabinets and on your shelves right from the start!

garage sale time

Put things in boxes, bins, trays, etc. that are labeled on the top and sides. Label shelves using categories like camping, paint, and porch cushions. Your family will be less likely to shove things wherever they feel like it and your new garage will stay looking great.

If you still find yourself with too much stuff, why not have a garage sale and make some extra money, sell them on craigslist or ebay, or donate items and get a tax deduction?

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