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Dining Room Decorating Ideas ~ Spaces Saving Designs

City dwellers, and those living in older homes typically have small rooms and sometimes even low ceilings. In this situation, you need to find pieces that don’t overpower the room or restrict the ability to move around the table.

Those living in studio apartments and very old buildings with galley kitchen designs can benefit from specially designed, compact pieces, as well as glass topped dining room tables with sleek legs.

Try wall mounted, drop leaf tables, or space saving tables that store against the wall when not in use and sleek designs that allow light to pass through.

Here’s one of the best dining room deocrating ideas for small space I’ve ever seen and it came from one of my readers.

This large home has no dining room becuase it’s home to a baby grand piano, so the owners came up with this idea to exapnd their round table from seating four to eight people. All it took was hiring a cabinet maker to create a second, larger top that fits right over the table. They store the extra top in the garage and pull it out for entertaining which happens quite often. This idea also saved them a ton of cash by re-purposing what they already had.

Best Dining Room Table Sets For Your Space

When looking for dining room decorating ideas for large spaces, a popular seating choice is a rectangular table with leaves. Although square dining room tables (as in the photo below) may work better for entertaining by allowing your guests easier eye contact.

A square dining room table that seats up to four works well for decorating small kitchen spaces. The example above seats eight is perfect for formal dining rooms.

A Pub style dining room table is typically square, seating 4-8 people, and has a height of 36” (counter height) to 42” (bar height).

You can pack more people into a smaller space with this type of seating but be aware that pub chairs are also taller. With a 30” to 36” seat height, most people’s feet won’t touch the ground. The height, along with the lack of arms, can pose a challenge for small children or those with certain medical conditions.

Round dining room tables are great for small square rooms because there are no corners to get stuck on and the design gives everyone equal eye contact.

Oval dining room tables are a great way to get the best of both worlds, giving you rounded corners and a longer design. If you think these are too traditional, try a long tapered oval or look for designs with sleek legs. If you’re a Retro Girl, you can pick up a 1950’s style oval dining table and metal chairs with red vinyl seats.

Dining Room Table Pads protect your wood from heat, spills, and scratches. Custom made dining room table pads can cost $400. and up, but look amazing even without a table cloth, plus they’ll last a lifetime.

Are You In Need Of A Dining Room Redesign?

All the dining room decorating ideas in the world won’t help you if you’re space doesn’t fit your needs, and why have a formal dining room if you’re never going to use it? Maybe you need an office, den, or guest room more?

It’s your house, so why not change the room interior design to fit your lifestyle?

My mom is one such example. Both her dining room and kitchen were so small, that all she talked about was knocking the wall down in between the two creating a “great room”. She stated this wish one too many times in front of my friends who were working their way through college framing houses.

Needless to say, my mom came home one day to find her wall GONE, and a note attached to a giant stuffed pink elephant, hanging from the ceiling that said “Be Careful What You Wish For”.

Lucky for me and my friends she was very happy with the results (after she got over the initial shock). She then turned the “formal” living room she never liked or used, into the new, much larger, dining room.

We hope you enjoyed exploring dining room decorating ideas, but wait ~ don’t go, because there’s a another page on cheap dining room makeovers, plus more room interior design ideas in the links below, and don’t miss these buffet table decorating ideas.

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