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Decorative Fireplace Door Transforms Room

If you've read my other pages on remodeling fireplaces, you've seen how using Venetian plaster can transform a white elephant into an elegant show piece.

The company I hired specializes in making the doors to fit any size, even large outdoor and corner fireplace designs.

They also paint the finish on the fireplace doors to match your decor and complement any color fireplace surround. (Link to their gallery at the end of this page)

custom made fireplace doors made with decorative scrolled iron sit atop a remodeled fireplace


Fireplace Design Ideas That Save Energy

closeup of glass sliding out of fireplace door

These fireplace doors are custom designed with a screen material behind the scrolled iron and guides to hold special glass inserts. (glass is an option you pay a little extra for)

The glass slides in behind the screen and can be taken out when you don't want to use it. Store it in a safe place when not in use, maybe under a sofa or bed?

Notice they used tinted glass which cuts down on reflection and looks a lot better!

The doors must be open if you want to have a fire going with the glass left in.

If you don't want to keep the fireplace doors open when in use for safety reasons, (maybe you have small children running around, OR it's a wood burning fireplace and embers are a concern) then you have two options:

1. Leave the glass out all together and run the fire with the doors closed, knowing your heat bills will be a little higher due to drafts coming down the chimney in the winter.

2. Remove the glass each time you use it and replace it after the fire is turned off.


decorative fireplace doors open view

We Love Our Decorative Fireplace Doors because they're beautiful, functional, and substantial in look and feel.

Did you know that this entire fireplace remodel cost around $2,000. including doors, hearth, surround and interior? You'll find many more fireplace design ideas on this site, like: how to remodel a fireplace using Venetian plaster, paint fireplace doors, and more.

Also, stop by AMS Fireplace Inc. and see their stunning gallery of custom fireplace photos. Located in Carlsbad, CA, AMS was referred to me by a friend and we are very pleased with their work.

In case you haven't seen it on one of the other fireplace pages, here's a video I shot while remodeling a master bedroom fireplace, (which incorporates the same materials and finishes used on this fireplace) except I painted the doors instead of replacing them.



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