Decorating Small Spaces

Decorating Small Spaces

You could put your house on a diet by de-cluttering, but what if you could make your home feel bigger by taking advantage of the space you already have?

How do you unlock the wasted space in your home? You’ve heard of multi tasking? Well what about multi purpose rooms?

We’re not talking about your kids school, but about a bigger design dilemma known all too well by those of us who feel squeezed into a floor plan that is a little too tight.

By opting for a smaller floorplan when you buy your next home, you can save both time and money since the cost of keeping a home eats up most of the average persons budget between mortgage payment, utilities, taxes, etc.

A home with less square feet also leaves more time for living. How many folks are slaves to their house? Could having a smaller home allow you work less?

Space Saving Room Interior Designs

  • By expanding your outdoor living space with screened porches, patios, and sunrooms, you can make your home feel bigger.
  • Transform your garage into a gym / family game room. As long as it still has a garage door that can be opened and closed, and does not have a permanent heat source, then it stands to reason that it should still be taxed as a garage, but check your local building codes to be sure. A full garage conversion to living space, with building permits, would add to your homes value by adding square footage, but without permits could get you in trouble.
  • A great idea for decorating small spaces is to have one at room set aside for multiple purposes such as a guest room/office/craft room. A Murphey bed, (which I find much more comfortable than a sofa bed or futon) folds up against the wall and is hidden by a cabinet, so you have the whole room to enjoy when it’s not in use. My dad made this inexpensive cabinet using closet doors (right) which open out, and holds a queen size Murphey bed.
  • Tall platform beds with storage drawers underneath eliminate the need for dressers and work great for teen bedrooms as well as adults.
  • Trundle beds are great for that 3-10 age group kids with the youngest sleeping closer to the floor. Loft beds are great for decorating small spaces in teen rooms because you can put a desk and dressers below.
  • An example of a studio apartment with loft bed and entertainment center below.

    I would reposition elecronics and moblie phones away from the bed, or at the very least, unplug everything at night.

Great closet organizers are key! If you don’t have them, build them because having vertical storage space makes all the difference. Closets can be designed with easy access storage all the way to the ceiling. Those vaccum pack gadgets work great for storing extra blankets and pillows you use occassionally for guests, or seasonal storage of clothes. Putting one dryer sheet in with the items will keep them smelling fresh.

  • Mirrored doors on closets can make rooms appear larger, but there are many stylish sliding door options too choose from, including: colored or frosted glass, wood look panels, or a combination.
  • Stacking your washer and dryer, and keeping them out of sight helps to control clutter when decorating small spaces.
  • In the photo, right, a half bath with laundry room was modernized. The gigantic washer and dryer were removed to make way for custom built cabinets which holds these compact appliances, keeping them out of sight, while a new wall hides toilet from wash area.

    Now the room feels uncluttered and there is extra tall storage on both sides for cleaning supplies, plus the reddish brown color of the cabinets warms up this small space.

  • Use under stair areas more effectively by opening them up to side access. Make a wine cellar, storage cubbies, built in book cases, TV cabinet, etc.
  • Buy furniture on legs. When you have sofas, chairs, coffee and end tables that have legs as opposed to skirted to the floor or closed cabinets, it visually creates more space, so will glass topped tables and reflective surfaces like mirrors.
  • Decorating small spaces with no windows? Create the illusion of looking outdoors with wall murals. Another idea is to salvage an old window and attach a blown up photo of your favorite place behind the panes of glass. Mirrors also act like windows by reflecting light.
  • Think multi purpose for everything you buy! Ottomans, Coffee tables, end tables, kitchen islands, build in bench seats, window seats, etc. can all be used for storage.

Small Space Decorating is not new. Fifty years ago homes were much smaller than the McMansions of today. With good architectural design as well as thoughtful room interior design, you can make a space feel twice as big.

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