Custom Window Drapes

Custom Window Drapes, Ideas, and Photos

There’s nothing like custom window drapes for quality and style. They allow for endless possibilities, and if you’re a “color lover” like me, being able to pick out the perfect fabric is where the magic happens.

Drapes are also functional: protecting your privacy, your home and furnishings from heat, light and cold, plus they’re a great complement to your interior decorating. Designing your own window drapes is truly worth the investment, and if you’re fabulously frugal (like me) you may even save money!

These custom drapes drapes are made from a horizontal striped fabric and without pleats. The homeowner and her mother sewed them together with fabric purchased online to match bedding.

Since this guest bedroom has two sets of french doors, one that opens up to the outside and another that is visible into the main living area, these drapes were designed for privacy. Rods hung near the ceiling help give a small room the feeling of added height and helps to block out more light, perfect for sleeping in!

More info: The owner purchased fabric from (Plantation Cypress) at $7.50 per yard minus 20%, plus lining from JoAnn Fabrics at $4.00 per yard on sale. Used approx. 15.25 yards. Owner (with help from seamstress Mom) made and installed the drapes. Standard 8 foot wooden rods, finials and end caps purchased from online shop, (though Lowe’s or Bed Bath and Beyond have similar products) and then they cut the rods to size.

These custom window drapes with pinch pleats, or “French pleats” were sewn by moi on an ancient Singer. The polyester fabric has the sheen of silk but is more durable, and they are lined and interlined for a more luxurious drape effect.

No pattern was used for these, instead I calculated the dimensions for each panel using Sally Cowan’s book, ‘Sew a Beautiful Window’, pages 118-120.

25 yards each of fabric made 8 single width panels ($6.50 yard), lining ($4. yard), interlining ($4. yard) all from Jo Ann Fabrics on sale. Each panel started out 52″ wide, then was given 5 pleats of 6.5″ per pleat and 4.25″ between pleats, with a 2.5″ return and 2″ overlap.

Sewing custom window drapes for the inexperienced (like me) was challenging to say the least! The first panel took the longest and then each single width panel after that took me about 4 hours each.

Maybe that’s why this fabric below sat in my closet for 3 or 4 years! I could not bear to tackle another project of that length and was scared of ruining the silk should I miscalculate and have to rip out stitches.

These custom window drapes in a gold silk shantung fabric were sewn by ‘The Drapery Shop’ in Vista, CA, using a modern pleat that stretched the 24 yards of fabric a little farther.

The silk came from Jo Ann Fabrics as did the lining and interlining and all were purchased on sale at 50% off. Because silk is not very good with sun exposure, lining them is critical. And with west facing windows that get blasted with sun in the afternoon, we leave the woven wood blinds down for extra protection.

At night with both blinds and drapes closed the room is dark and quiet. In winter they also help keep the heat in and cold out. There’s more info on this master bedroom makeover here.

Please check back with us as we are updating and adding new custom window drapes all the time, and we’d love it if you shared you’re projects with us. It’s easy! Just upload a photo and brief description of your window treatments here.

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