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Hi Jane,

I read your article about Ceramic Tile Crack Repair with interest. I have only soft pastels available and was wondering if I could use those for the repair as well or do they need to be oil-based artist pastels (how do you crush them into a powder?).

Thank you for your help,



Fab Frugal Jane writes back:

Hi Ursula,

Besides ceramic tile crack repair, this works on many other types of stones like the Travertine tiles pictured here.

I believe your soft pastels will work just as good and who knows, maybe chalk would even work? It's all about getting a powdered, colored pigment that is close to your tile color to tint the epoxy with.

Artist pastels grind up pretty easy with a mortar and pestle or any type of blunt object. Even a nice smooth rock/pebble can do the job, but I would put it in an old pie tin or something sturdy like an old plastic bowl. I use a kitchen or razor knife to chip off small pieces and then grind them as fine as possible.

You don't have to grind it up all that well if you want variations or mottling in the finished product.

Attached are before and after close up photos of my recent Travertine repair I showed in the video, as well as the materials used. Of course you can buy the small two part tubes of epoxy for a lot less than this industrial size :)

Please share your before and after photos with us and let me know how your ceramic tile crack repair using soft pastels comes out.


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