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Bedroom Design Ideas

If your current bedroom doesn't work as well as you'd hoped, why not design your own bedroom based on your needs and lifestyle?

Are you in need of a good nights sleep, romantic bedroom decorating ideas, or do you need help with teenage bedroom design? What do you wish your bedroom could do?

Designing the perfect space involves getting inside your own head and finding out what relaxes, pleases, and excites you.

contemporary master bedroom decor combines warm reds and greens colors for bedding with cool brown and white walls

Your most personal place in the world is ~ Your Bedroom ~ It's where you spend one third of your life (if you're lucky enough to get 8 hours sleep) and should not be treated like other rooms.


In this bedroom design photo you'll see an interesting combination. They used a darker color above the white wainscoting in order to balance the darker browns of the furniture as well as the intensity of the red and green bedding. White and green are repeated to unify this bedroom color scheme.

Find Bedroom Design Ideas That Please You

When looking for decorating ideas for bedrooms, start by writing down what you like to do in your bedroom and have your kids do the same if it is their room. You may write things like: spend quality time with my partner, lounge, journal, meditate, sleep late, read the newspaper with a cup of coffee in the morning, etc.

Next, write down bedroom design ideas you come across and gather bedroom decor photos that appeal to you from books, magazines and the internet.

Then pick bedroom color schemes starting with an inspiration. It could come from a fabric you'll be using on the bed or drapery, wallpaper, a piece of art, or even the glaze on a flower pot. You'll know it's right when you can't put it down.

pink and orange contemporary bedroom

One place I highly recommend you visit is DreamHomeDecorating.com, which has has several great articles on bedroom color schemes along with wonderful examples.

Master Bedroom Design Ideas

In the past, a master bedroom was larger than most other bedrooms but still small by today's standards, and many homes had only one shared bathroom.

As we've changed our building styles to lean towards larger floor plans, it's quite common now to see sitting areas or whole sitting rooms, large private bathrooms, and huge bedroom closet designs.

These massive areas require lots of cash to build, furnish and decorate, plus cost more in property taxes, utilities and maintenance.

How much room do you really need?

master bedroom decor from model home

The huge master bedroom above was staged for a model home using a warm, monochromatic color scheme , trayed ceilings, crown molding, wainscoting, hardwood floors, and traditional furniture.

If you're doing a home remodel, you can save money by planning your new master suite to be comfortable without wasting space.

See my master bedroom design ideas including: Venetian plaster walls, beautiful niche seating area, and a fireplace remodel, plus my experience with shopping for window shades, bedroom furniture, and more, online.

You'll also want to check out my romantic bedroom decorating ideas. There, you'll find tips on how to create more intimacy through your decor.


Bedroom Design Ideas For A Great Nights Sleep


  • If morning light is a problem, try blackout drapes or lined shades.

  • If it's noisy where you live why not try an air purifier in your bedroom?. Having clean air to breathe along with a little white noise can help you wake up feeling refreshed.

  • Since close to one third of your life is spent sleeping, buy the best mattress, bed linens, and pillows you can afford. Save money by purchasing high thread count sheets and duvet covers at discount stores.

  • Place a silky eye pillow next to the bed filled with flax seeds and aromatic oils like lavender. The weight of the pillow on your eyes help you fall asleep fast or get back to sleep if you woke up too early.

  • Keep TV and computers out of the bedroom if at all possible. Instead, set up a music source filled with relaxing sounds, guided meditations, or read positive intentions to yourself that can carry over into the next day.

Kids Bedroom Design Ideas

Color is important to all of us, but especially to kids. Maybe carpet is too expensive to go bold with but paint is cheap and easy to fix. If your kids pick colors that seem to bold for you, a nice compromise is to mix white in to tone it down or do the brighter/darker color on the bottom third and a lighter shade on the top two thirds, separated by a chair rail.

funky fabrics and colorful designs are great for teenage bedrooms

For teen bedroom design you can start with their favorite "bold" color(s) and add funky fabrics and removable wall stickers as in the photo above, or take a vibrant color like tangerine and tame it with faux paint techniques.

A cozy chair and good lighting will make reading more enjoyable. Try full spectrum bulbs for less eyestrain and better color rendition.


From Barbie's to diaries ~ Kids need time alone to be creative, unwind, or just to get away from grownups telling them what to do. Putting a small desk or table in their room can give them a place all their own and lead to more peace and calm in the family. Younger children may enjoy a small tent to escape to fantasy land and chill out in.


Rustic bedroom design ideas for kids rooms

For siblings sharing bedrooms, bunk beds are a popular choice but one they will outgrow.

Before you invest a lot of money, you may want to check out gently used items or buy things that will take them into their teens.

Want To Feel Like You're On Vacation Everyday?

Wall murals are an inexpensive bedroom design idea that can appeal to all age groups, plus they're fairly easy to apply. Some even come in peel and stick so you can change themes when you tire of them.

Imagine drifting off to sleep or waking up to a view of a tropical island, conservatory garden, or Tuscan landscape. Wall murals are a fabulously frugal way to boost your mood and make it feel like you're on vacation everyday.

Share Your Bedroom Design Ideas

Do you have a bedroom design ideas or a bedroom makeover story you'd like to share?

Whether it's master bedroom decor, boys, girls, teenager or guest bedroom ideas, we'd love to hear about it and see what you've done.

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