Bedroom Closet Designs

Fabulously Frugal Bedroom Closet Designs Using Cedar and Other Recycled Materials


You can spend a fortune on custom closet organization or be stuck with melamine covered particle board which is not good for you or the planet.

Maybe you don’t have thousands to spend on your closets but want a unique functional space for your clothes and maybe even a dressing area. Here are some fabulously frugal ways to get more with less.

One of my favorite closet design ideas and a healthier alternative for both you and the planet is aromatic cedar. Cedar goes way back to the old days when homes weren’t so weather resistant and people needed a way to protect their clothes and valuables from insects, mold and mildew.

Bedroom closet design idea using tongue and groove, aromatic cedar to give character and update a ten year old closet.

If you’ve ever had one of those cheesy particle board shelves fall down on you, (thanks to the teeny tiny pins that hold them up) then you can appreciate the benefits of a sturdy wood construction. These shelves were built by a carpenter and can hold a lot of weight without falling apart.

Unlike your typical closet painted with flat white paint, it doesn’t turn black when you scuff it, instead, it releases the aroma of cedar. Costing around $1.50 to $2.00 per square foot (allowing for waste, and not including labor) and the one we used came in 15 sq ft boxes and was good quality.

Aromatic cedar also works well in bathroom closets, pantries, and as drawer or chest liners, plus scraps that are too small can be stuffed in an old sock and put into drawers, boxes, basement or garage cabinets, or anywhere you want to keep fresh smelling and ward off pests.

Recycle, Re-Purpose and Re-use

Maybe you never thought of re-purposing things old kitchen cabinets in bedroom closet designs but I’m here to tell you there are lots of things you may be donating or throwing away that could save you money, plus help the planet in the process.

  • For large walk in closets, create a nice built in or hutch like effect by using base kitchen cabinets with drawers on the bottom and attaching wall cabinets to those. Add a wood top and paint the whole thing to match.
  • Get instant free shelving units for your bedroom closets by recycling kitchen wall cabinets and taking the doors off.
  • Old wall cabinets can also be re-used as shoe racks by removing doors, tilting the shelves, and attaching a piece of wood trim to the edge of each shelf, to hold the shoes in place.
  • Create an island in the center of a large walk in closet with cabinets.
  • If you want an elegant top for base cabinets, you can find granite and stone remnants at a fraction of their original price by visiting your local stone fabricator and asking to see what they have.
  • Old kitchen knobs or drapery pegs can be used in closets to hang robes, purses, hats, etc. Mount them on a piece of wood like an old cabinet door or a fabric covered board.
  • Having a bench to sit on while dressing that does double duty as a clothes hamper or storage is a great space saver. Build your own out of over the refrigerator wall cabinets and add a hinged top. Another idea is to repurpose a childs toy chest by attaching fabric to it and adding padding and soft fabric to the lid for a seat.

Bedroom Closet Designs For Kids Rooms

  1. Hooks: you’re more likely to get them to hang something from a hook or knob, rather than take the time to use a hanger.
  2. Shelves with labeled baskets: For kids who can read let them make the labels or use an image on the baskets for younger ones. It’s a great way for them to quickly find what they want, put things away in an organized manner, and keep their closets from looking like a junk pile.
  3. Encourage independance by making the closet kid friendly and putting their clothes and toys within reach, then use the upper closet area to store extra bedding, pillows, seasonal items, etc.

Out Of Sight, Out of Mind

As you probably learned by now, bedroom closet designs don’t have to cost a lot of money.

This closet design idea came from Necah, who used a room divider to hide an unsightly electric panel in a guest bedroom closet, and it does double duty by adding a pop of color.

Room dividers or screens come in a wide array of colors and materials but you can make your own. It would be a great way to repurpose old wood, doors, even fabric and add character to your space.

Bedroom Closet Designs For Allergies

Why the floor you ask? Ever walk into a deep, dark, closet with 10 year old carpeting? You can count the dust mites by the number of nose hairs that stand up. (Gross!)

We didn’t want more carpeting for reasons above, but other materials like stone or engineered wood were even more expensive than carpet and would surely get scratched from moving boxes around.

Unfinished aromatic cedar ended up being a more economical as well as healthier solution. Now scapes and scratches are actually welcome on this floor because it releases aromatic oils and bugs hate it.

First, “RedGard” was applied to the concrete slab to form a moisture barrier. Next, a 1/4″ plywood base was installed to give more strength to the aromatic cedar (which was designed for walls) and help level out the slab.

We’ll be adding more bedroom closet designs and ideas, so check back often and please share us with your friends.

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