I have been wanting to redecorate our bedroom for months but could not find bedding that I loved .....until now! Can you please tell me the manufacturer of this bedding? Both the red and the green please. I've been searching for these literally for about 2 months!I really hope you can help, thank you so much for your time!!




Hi Ann,

I also love the colors of this bedding, but am sorry to say that photo was not taken by me and it's a couple years old at least, so I don't know if you could even find it.

I'd also be willing to bet that they're not a set, except for the duvet and shams in red.

This bedroom appears to be in a model home or done by an interior designer, judging by the way the colors are all pulled together from bedding to accents.

Maybe you could use this as your inspiration and shop online to find another red duvet and have the decorative stiching hand done. You could improvise by attaching black ribbon to some of the red pillows.

The granny apple green coverlet works because of the matching green accents in the room, so try to do the same with whatever color you layer it with.

Fab Frugal Jane

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