Limestone repair

by Leo Levy
(Tamarac, Florida)

My bathroom limestone counter top has a chip in it, about 1/2 inch in diameter. How can I repair it?


Please take a look at my video
Which shows how to repair travertine with 2 part epoxy resin and artist pastels. It's inexpensive and quick!

You can buy the individual pastel colors that best match your limestone rather than buying a whole kit like I did.

This same formula can be used to repair stone, tile, granite, etc. And is easy to do.

Hope this helps!

Fab Frugal Jane

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by: Jane

Hi Leo,

This page explains the steps to fix cracked or chipped tile, stone, granite, etc. by using 2 part expoxy resin and artist pastels as a colorant. It is very durable and easy to match just about any color by mixing ground pastel crayons in various shades until you get a match.

I would either look for a kit that has similar colors or go to an arts and craft store like Michael's and buy individual colors that closely resemble the limestone you are trying to mimic.

Please take a photo when you're done and let us know how it turns out!

Fab Frugal Jane

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